History of Casino Games

The best signs of gambling existence are the playing cubes revealed in Thebes and dated before 1500 B.C. Numerous objects found on the territory of the ancient China, India Rome, and Egypt are the evidence that casino games were popular in those cultures since 2300 B.C. or earlier.

It is considered that the idea of traditional card games, such as blackjack and poker, appeared in China from the practice of shuffling paper money. In 900 A.D. this practice turned into the tradition to play card games. Originally all cards did not contain any human pictures and were designed like the fabulous Muslim carpets. After the playing cards were brought to Italy and Spain, the card-makers began to decorate them with the royal ranks and pictured the respected persons who had power at those times. The so-called female cards (with Queens) were produced later, when the playing cards reached France. This new deck containing Queens was known as the "French Pack". Speaking about video poker, this game was invented after the introduction of slots and was based on the five-card draw poker game. Today video poker is also very popular along with the traditional slot games.

Roulette originated from France. As the legend states, the first roulette wheel was developed by the talented mathematician Blaise Pascal. However, according to other legends, the wheel was produced in China and only then it was brought to Europe. However, the roulette rules and the wheel were modified by Francois and Louis Blanc, who made the single zero roulette game in 1842. After the game reached the USA, it saw a new modification - the double zero roulette game was invented. Now most European gaming establishments have the singe zero roulette which got the name "French" or roulette, and American casinos offer the players to try their luck at the double zero or "American" roulette. Nevertheless, both roulette versions may be found at most of the gambling halls all around the world. It is even not worth mentioning the popularity of roulette because it is really overwhelming and now roulette is the emblem of any casino and gambling.

Dice have been known for about 2,000 years. Initially they were used only by the shamans to foresee the future, set up the debates and get the answers on numerous questions of the tribesmen. Soon the practice of throwing dice turned into the craps game which initially had the name "Hazard". This game was the favorite pastime for the Englishmen and was played only at the closed gambling halls. Later the game reached France where it was called the game of "Craps". After it finally reached the shores of America, it was simplified and became the popular gambling game of people of various social classes.

Usually gambling was used by many countries to collect money for the government or involved gambling charity donations and underwent many changes and laws. In the United States, gambling was prohibited in the state of Nevada from 1850 to 1910, however, it was allowed in 1931 and since then Las Vegas has been the largest gambling centre in the world. So, gambling made a long way to up-to-date gaming venues and online casinos and portals.